Chiropractor Serving Fall River

Fall River, Massachusetts is the 10th largest city in the state and is known for its amazing culture, landscape, and many city-wide celebrations.

Fall River is famous for the Lizzie Borden trial, its amazing Portuguese culture, numerous 19th-century textile mills and Battleship Cove, which is the world’s largest collection of World War II naval vessels and is also home to the USS Massachusetts, and beautiful nature scenes. Whether you are interested in sports, World War II history, or beautiful New England nature, or just want to explore different parts of Massachusetts, Fall River is a great place to start.

Fall River is well known for its fantastic festivals celebrating Halloween, to its different Portuguese holidays. With everything there is to do in Fall River, it is crucial that you maintain your overall health so that you can continue to participate in all the fun that Fall River, Massachusetts has to offers its residents and visitors. Here at Rutkowski Chiropractic Wellness Center we understand not wanting to miss out and routine chiropractic care will help ensure you stay healthy to be able to participate in everything you want to and live your healthiest life!

Walking through nature, going to Fall River festivals and just living your life can create subluxations in your spine. If left untreated, those subluxations can hinder your body’s ability to work at full capacity and make you more susceptible to injury or illness. Routine spinal checkups will allow your chiropractor to spot any potential spinal subluxations and correct them before they can create any more serious health issues in your future.

Rutkowski Chiropractic Wellness Center can help you maintain your health so you can continue to enjoy all that Fall River has to offer. Call us TODAY to schedule your appointment!