About Us

About Us

Our team here at Rutkowski Chiropractic Wellness Center loves to help people, and when you come to our office you’ll see that first hand. We have a high-tech high energy office serving individuals and families with effective and efficient care.

Our purpose is helping people reach their full health potential by finding the underlying cause of the symptom or condition, whether it’s back pain or a neverending headache. Our natural solutions work to address the cause by removing interferences and allowing the body to go to work.

Our first and foremost concern is the proper function of the nervous system. Since the nervous system is the body’s master system responsible for ALL function and ALL healing, this is where we begin our journey. A very common and potentially devastating interference occurs at the spine (vertebral subluxation) where the nervous system is most vulnerable.

In addition to specializing in the science, philosophy, and art of specific chiropractic care, we promote healthy living strategies.

4 Lifestyle Essentials of Health


Nutrition is essential to our wellbeing because our food choices determine whether the proper ingredients for health are being supplied or not.

Today’s food is highly processed and laced with chemicals and artificial ingredients. So we must also be equally concerned with ingesting toxic foods and substances that will interfere with the body’s ability to function.


Our bodies were created to be active and expend large amounts of energy on a daily basis. Think about the activity levels of our family members just 100 years ago… no computers, no drive-thru windows, no dishwashers and washing machines, no grocery stores etc… People used to be required to move to meet their daily needs.

Today in our modern world, our technology has eliminated much of our physical tasks of daily living. Although we can be very productive, we no longer have to move. This is considered to be a genetic mismatch and a major contributing cause of chronic illnesses.

It is essential that we move well, not just for the many benefits of physical fitness, but more for our optimal genetic expression of health.


The state of thinking well is an essential part of our physical wellbeing as well. The benefits of our emotional and mental health are
priceless in today’s stress-filled world, but recognize that what happens in our mind directly affects the health of our body!

Stress hormones are released that alter blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, digestion, sexual function, immune system function,
and more!


“Living well” refers to reducing our exposure to toxins that are in us, on us, and around us. We must look at not what’s only in our foods, but in the products we apply to our skin and in our surrounding environment. The first goal is to stop further toxic exposure by eating cleaner, using healthier products, and control what you can in your immediate environment. We also promote cleansing and detoxing.